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Ana V. Magalhaes
Licensed Advisor  NPN #9450621

        Medicare - WHY?
        Medicare is a federal health insurance program with important purposes:
      1 - Coverage for seniors and disabled individuals
      2 - Affordability for at least basic health care otherwise out-of-reach to many
      3 - Access to health care improved to the beneficiaries
      4 - Financial and health security to millions of Americans

      Medicare does not cover funeral expenses. Social Security's death benefit is a mere $255

        Funeral Expenses - WHY?
      Funeral Expenses is a type of life insurance designed to cover the financial needs when you pass away
      It provides guaranteed death benefit. 

      The value of the policy can be used for: 
      1 - Funeral, cremation or burial costs
      2 - Outstanding medical bills
      3 - Credit card debt
      4 - Other end-of-life expenses   

      The advantages of the policy are: 
      1 - Financial protection - prevents your loved one from using savings 
      2 - Flexibility - choice between term & whole-life policies, and face value
      3 - Timely coverage can start on day one
      4 - Peace of mind - planning in advance avoids unpleasant surprises     

Get a Needs Assessment - WHY?

            1 - It is personalized for you - get your needs met                       

                  2 - Medicare is complexe - get advise from an expert

                  3 - Funeral Expenses has several options - get choices

                  4 - It is at no cost to you - get an independent agent to service you

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